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Mary Louise Bringle

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Mary Louise Bringle

Mary Louise (Mel) Bringle is professor Filosofie en Religiewetenschappen en voorzitter van de afdeling Humanities op Brevard College (Brevard, NC).

A teacher at heart and a theologian by training (with a Ph.D. from Emory University and an assortment of publications in pastoral theology), she began writing hymn texts in 1999. Since that time, she has won a number of international hymnwriting competitions and been featured as an "emerging text writer" by The Hymn Society in the US and Canada. GIA has published two single-author collections of her hymns (Joy and Wonder, Love and Longing in 2002, and In Wind and Wonder in 2007), as well as anthems written in collaboration with composers like William Rowan, Sally Morris, and others. Her texts and translations are included in publications from numerous denominations, including Roman Catholic, Mennonite, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Episcopalian, United Church of Canada, and Church of Scotland. She is currently serving as President of The Hymn Society and chair of the committee to create a new hymnal for the Presbyterian Church USA. (Bron:


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