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Easter hymn (melodie)

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Componist Uitgever Editienr Uitgave Opus Pag./Nr. Type Bezetting
anoniem Boek in: LvdK 491gz, koor- en orgeluitgave (groen) 215 k SATB
anoniem Boek in: Op Toonhoogte 2 - Muziekeditie 107 z a
anoniem CP in: New English Hymnal - full music 110 k SATB, o
anoniem GIA G-2360 in: 48 Hymn Descants 25 z o
anoniem LB in: Koorbundel Liedboek 2 624 k SATB
anoniem Oxf in: 100 Carols for Choirs 45 z o
Archer, J.S. PP Variations on well known hymn tunes v o
Ashdown, F.D. AF 9781451494075 Glory of the Easter Feast - Organ Settings for the Season p4 v o
Asma, F. Alsb Muziek voor kerk en huis 14 2 v o
Baldwin, A. Oxf Descants for all Seasons z G, S, o
Bates, W.H. Conc 97-7053 An Organ Partita on Easter Hymn v o
Bedford, M. Oxf in: Oxford Hymn Settings 4 p15 v o
Behnke, J.A. Conc 97-6557 Triptych for Easter Day p3 v o
Berg, J.J. van den Boeij Passie en Pasen suite opus 50 9 v o
Bish, D. Bock BG0634 Toccata on 'Christ the Lord Is Risen Today' v o
Bish, D. Bock BGK1002 The Organ Music of Diane Bish 1 - Lent/Easter p22 v o
Bish, D. Bock BGK1032 in: Festival Praise (Thallander) p36 v o
Blersch, J. Conc 97-7492 Musica Sacra - Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ 8 p12 v o
Bons, K. HU 1864 Orgelkoralen 2 - Pasen, Hemelvaart 1 v o
Bornefeld, H. Choralsonate v o, i
Callahan, C. MSM 10-334 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - 10 Preludes and Postludes p19 v o
Callahan, C. MSM 10-408 Easter Music for Manuals 1 v o
Callahan, C. MSM 10-424 Easter Music for Manuals 2 p3 v o
Campbell, E. GR 725 Paraphrase on 'Jesus Christ Is Risen' v o
Chesterton, T. LZ 70/1548L in: The Cross and the Crown (Southbridge) p26 v o
Childs, E.T. AF 9780800621629 For Manuals Only - Lent and Easter v o
Coleman, R.H.P. KE Chorale Preludes v o
Culli, B.M. Conc 97-7159 Christ is Risen! p1 v o
Diemer, E.L. LZ 70/1581S in: The Passion, Death & Resurrection (Martin) p26 v o
Drumwright, G. BP 4570-49 The Church's One Foundation p15 z o
Farlee, R.B. Conc 97-6995 Brass Fanfares and Accompaniments for the Easter Season p16 v o, i
Ferguson, J. GIA G-6754 Hymn Harmonizations 2 p14 v, z o
Ferguson, J. MSM 10-422 In Quiet Joy - Easter Triptych p4 v o
Fleischer, H.R. Conc 97-1145 in: The Parish Organist 1 - 120 Chorale Preludes p44 v o
Fleischer, H.R. Conc 97-1437 in: The Parish Organist 1-4 - 120 Chorale Preludes p38 v o
Fyfe, L. Cumb The Christ Church Descant Book 1 p11 z o
Goemanne, N. AF 9780800659363 in: Augsburg Organ Library - Easter p57 v o
Goemanne, N. PR 113-40025 Sortie on 'Easter Hymn' v o
Graber, J. APH 11-9253 Hymns for Instrumental Ensembles 1-1 p8 v o, i
Gray, A. Augener Chorale Preludes v o
Greene, J.W. Conc 97-7436 Times and Seasons - 6 Moderate Preludes or Postludes for Organ p32 v o
Harris, W.H. Nov 1402 in: Festal Voluntaries - Easter p1 v o
Harris, W.H. Nov Fantasie on 'Easter Hymn' v o
Harris, W.H. Oxf in: Lent and Easter Organ Music p81 v o
Hebble, R. LZ 70/1582S Palms, Passion & Victory -Organ Suite for Holy Week p11 v o
Held, W. Conc 97-5330 6 Preludes on Easter Hymns 5 v o
Held, W. MSM 10-932 The Wilbur Held Organ Collection - A Centenary Edition p28 v o
Hobby, R.A. MSM 10-301 in: Thine the Glory - Organ Music for Lent and Easter p22 v o
Hopson, H.H. CF 0 5033 Hymn Concepts p27 z o
Hopson, H.H. GIA G-2241 21 Hymn Descants 7 z o
Hopson, H.H. GR GB 650 Free Accompaniments and Descants to 12 Familair Hymns p91 z o
Hopson, H.H. HF 5128 11 Free Accompaniments with Descants to Familair Hymns p14 z o
Innes, J. Bock BG0602 Organ Hymns for Praise and Worship 4 p4 v o
Irwin, B. HL 00212500 105 Favorite Hymns p58 v o
Johnson, D.N. AF 9780800648053 Easter Music for Organ and Brass 1 v o, i
Johnson, D.N. APH 11-5085 All Glory, Loud, and Honor p18 v o
Johnson, D.N. APH 11-9111 Easter Music for Organ and Brass 1 p3 v o, i
Johnson, D.N. APH 11-9186 Free Hymn Accompaniments for Manuals 2 p48 z o
Jones, J. Brad B24M26 in: Organ Music for Lent and Easter p28 v o
Kemner, G. WHMP ORG 7901 Holiday Fantasies on Familair Hymn Tunes p20 v o
Kerr, J.W. Conc 97-7450 Were You There - Easy Hymn Prel. Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter p20 v o
Kloppenburg, W. Boek in: LvdK 491gz, orgel, piano met vs (bruin) 215 v, z o
Koch, J.H.E. Conc 5 Intradas & Chorals on Easter Hymns v o, i
Koch, L.A. AF 9780800637477 Churchworks v o
Krapf, G. Conc 97-5617 in: The Concordia Hymn Prelude Series 10 p16 v o
Krapf, G. SMP Sing and Rejoice 1 p14 z o
Krider, D. MSM 10-811 Creative Hymn Introductions v o
Larson, L. LZ 70/1578L Enhancements for Congregational Singing p28 z o
Lemckert, J. Boek 5713 in: Nieuw orgelboek 491gz (groen los) 215 v, z o
Lovelace, A.C. APH 11-6152 14 Hymn Preludes p6 v o
Lovelace, A.C. Hope Christ the Lord Is Risen Today v o, i
Luchterhandt, G. ED 21841 in: Kommt mit Gaben und Lobgesang 1 p98 v o
Lynn, G.A. PR To God on High v o
Mann, A. GIA G-4613 8 Hymntune Postludes p4
Manz, P. APH 11-9180 in: Free Organ Accompaniments to Hymns 3 p4 z o
Manz, P. Conc 97-5305 10 Chorale Improvisations 6 p12 v o
Manz, P. MSM 10-402 Improvisations for the Easter Season p2 v o
Manz, P. MSM 10-599 God of Grace - A Compilation of Favorites for Organ p32 v o
Marez Oyens, T. de CB Kantorijbundel 2 p31 k, v, z SATB, o, i
Matthews, H.A. DI Chorale Preludes v o
McRae, W. GR 738 Improvisations on 'Jesus Christ Is Risen Today' v o
Mealy, M. GIA G-4698 90 Easy Hymn Accompaniments p20 z o
Meyer, E.H. Conc 97-6504 Easy Hymn Accompaniments for Organ or Piano 2 p25 z o/p
Moe, D. APH 11-9495 in: Free Organ Accompaniments to Festival Hymns 1 p36 z o
Monk, W.H. CP in: Church Hymnary 4th ed. - full music 410 k SATB, o
Moore, P. Oxf in: Oxford Hymn Settings 4 p20 v o
Mudde, W. APH 11-9305 Organ and Trumpet p8 v o, i
Mueller, C.F. CF 0 4184 6 Preludes Based on Familair Hymns p22 v o
Newell, J.E. Ashdown Hymn tunes with varied harmonies 1 10 v, z o/p
Nieuwenhuijse, J. WI 601 Orgelmuziek voor Pasen v o
Noble, T.T. JF F.E.8175 Free Organ Accompaniments to 100 Well-Known Hymn Tunes 22 z o
O'Donovan, M. Nov 310849 in: Lent and Easter - Anthems & Hymns p196 k, v G, S, SATB, o
Oxley, T.F.H. Mayh 140-0252 The Ultimate Finishing Touch z o
Oxley, T.F.H. RSCM B537 Last Verse in Unison p4 z o
Pearce, T.R. Conc 97-6000 Basic Hymn Accompaniments 2 - Lent, Easter, Pentecost p27 z o
Peeters, F. EP 6402 Hymn Preludes for the Liturgical Year 2 opus 100 p20 v o
Pethel, J.L. BM GB 696 Festive Hymns and Pieces p3 v o
Ployhar, J.D. SHM 9496 Brass for Festive Hymns p8 v o, i
Popplewell, R. Oxf 375135-6 in: Chorale Preludes on English Tunes p12 v o
Post, P. AN 400 2 Partita's over paasliederen v o
Powell, R.J. AF 9780800659363 in: Augsburg Organ Library - Easter p53 v o
Proulx, R. / Young, M.E. GIA G-2256 55 Hymn Descants 32 z o
Quack, J. ED 21841 in: Kommt mit Gaben und Lobgesang 1 p100 v o
Rawsthorne, N. Mayh 140-0534 200 Last Verses for manuals z o
Rawsthorne, N. Mayh 140-5527 200 Last Verses z o
Rippen, P. WI 676 Liedboek van de kerken - deel 10 v, z o
Rutter, J. Oxf in: Oxford Book of Descants 26 z G, S, o
Sadowski, K.J. Conc 97-6591 in: Laudate 3 (Kosnik) p36 v o
Schalk, C. Conc 97-5828 Festival Hymn Settings for the Small Parish - Easter p12 v o, i
Schoonhoven, G. van Boek 5710 in: Orgelboek 491 gezangen (blauw) 215 v, z o
Schoonhoven, G. van LB in: Begeleidingsbundel Liedboek 624 z o
Schwoebel, D. VNP 4180-09 Come, Thou Almighty King p4 z o
Smith, L. LZ 70/1155U Hymns & Harmonizations p16 v, z o
Smith, L. LZ 70/1372L in: Easter Glory - Vibrant Service Music for Organ (Parker) p30 v o
Smith, L. LZ 70/1543L Risen & Exalted - An Eastertide Celebration p18 v o
Stanford, C.V. Oxf in: Lent and Easter Organ Music p91 v o
Stanford, C.V. S&B 6 Occasional Preludes opus 182 3 v o
Stanford, C.V. S&B 6 Preludes opus 88 v o
Stulp, G. Boeij Noordnederlands orgelboekje - 20 koraalbew. p22 v o
Thomas, M. LZ 70/1493L in: The Complete Organist (Southbridge/Eliot) p51 v o
Thomas, M. LZ 70/1510L in: Images of the Cross (Eliot) p37 v o
Vaughan Williams, R. Boek in: Hemelhoog - Muziekeditie 167 z a
Vaughan Williams, R. CU 3 Choral Hymns k T, SATB, i
Velde, R. te Oxf in: Hymn miniatures 1 8 v o
Vroome, B. de Boek 5711 in: Koraalbewerkingen 491gz (wit) 215 v o
Weber, J.B. Conc 97-7646 Easter Mosaics p6 v o
Webster, R.R. AF 9780800656928 Paschal Suite for Organ and Trumpet v o, i
Westrup, J.A. LN 5 Chorale Preludes 5 v o
Whitsett, E. EB 8670 in: In Ewigkeit dich Loben - Anhang Regionalteile p14 v o
Willan, J.H. Conc 97-1404 in: The Parish Organist 8 - Easter, Ascen., Pentec. p8 v o
Willcocks, D. Oxf Hymns for Choirs p21 z o
Willcocks, D. Oxf in: 100 Carols for Choirs 45 k SATB, o
Wolff, S.D. Conc 97-5800 Easter Processional on 'Jesus Christ Is Risen Today' v o, i
Wood, D. APH 11-9292 New Settings of 20 Well-Known Hymn Tunes p8 z o
Wood, D. LZ 70/1140S Festive Hymn Introductions p11 v o
Young, M.E. GIA G-2340 30 Creative Intonations on Well-Known Hymn Tunes p13 v o